About Us

Group insurance has become increasingly complex over the years. Government requirements, the tax treatment of premiums, medical advances and growing shortages of skilled labour have all contributed to this complexity.

Employee benefits are just one of the daily challenges facing Quebec companies. To meet these challenges, employers try to control the cost of premiums and simplify the management of their group insurance and retirement savings plans by turning to reliable partners.

MPA BENEFITS is the partner of choice for companies that want to offer a group insurance plan without dealing with the related administrative, tax or financial burdens.

In addition to group insurance plans, we can help you develop and manage any kind of group retirement savings plan such as a Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP).

The specialists at MPA Benefits have been delivering their expertise since 1995, working with insurers that offer group insurance and retirement savings plans in Quebec. We see that you get an excellent return on each dollar invested in the health of your employees and that your plan fully complies at all times with current laws and regulations.