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NEW! Your drugs invoice is now more detailed at your pharmacy

Did you know that Quebec employees and employers that have private group insurance plans pay close to half a billion dollars1 more each year than those covered under the public drug insurance plan, due to higher pharmacist’s fees?

Until now, Quebec was the only province where pharmacist fees did not appear on the bill.

Good news! If you have been to your pharmacist since September 15th, you have probably noticed that your drug invoice has changed; from now on, the fees charged are now detailed!

Quebec has adopted Bill 92 on September 15 which aims to offer more transparency for you and your employees.  This will allow everyone a better understanding of the various costs included in prescription drug prices and will help protect consumers.

Detailed pricing information can now be found on your receipt, helping you make an informed decision when choosing your pharmacy with the best price for you.

Here are the three details that must be shown on your new invoice:

The price of the molecule

The pharmacist’s fee

The wholesaler’s/distributor’s profit margin

***The one item that can vary from one pharmacy to another is the pharmacist’s fee***

It will now be easier to compare the pharmacist/dispensing fee between pharmacies. You will be able to see that these fees vary greatly from one pharmacy to another

By making informed decisions, you will be able to save money.

Just to give you a comparison, the typical dispensing fee for a 30-day prescription for someone on the government plan is about $8.75. We invite you to compare the fee now appearing on your receipt with this $8.75. You will see that you are paying a lot more because you are insured by a private plan, an unfair difference that is leading to increases in your group insurance premium.

For more information on the detailed invoice, we invite you to check out the website www.mypharmacyinvoice.ca

1 Based on available data for 2013 (CLHIA)