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Posté le 5 July 2013 - Dans : What's New

Shopping around for a pharmacy really pays off !

Did you know that drug prices may differ substantially from one pharmacy to another?

Did you know that you could save money by shopping around?

Give it a try! Choosing your pharmacy based on quality of service and on price might be worth the effort. By choosing a pharmacy with competitive drug prices, your drug cost could drop 10–50%.¹

Pass the message along… Most people believe that prescription drugs cost the same no matter where they are purchased. This is totally false.

The differences are usually much bigger when compared to pharmacies located in large surface stores (Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.).

If all participants make an effort to pay less for their drugs, the plans will be less impacted and insurance premiums will follow.

A winning effort for all !

¹ Industrial Alliance analysis based on its 2013 data