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Publié le 11 September 2013 - Dans : What's New

Here are our new video clips !

We are very pleased to introduce our new video clips! Watch our introduction video : It is a new effective means of communication that we will use [...]

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Publié le 14 August 2013 - Dans : What's New

Blue Cross – The new mobile app is here !

      Blue Cross is now offering a mobile application to facilitate employee access to their group insurance plan. The application is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms. Check information about a medicine [...]

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Publié le 5 July 2013 - Dans : What's New

Shopping around for a pharmacy really pays off !

Did you know that drug prices may differ substantially from one pharmacy to another?

Did you know that you could save money by shopping around?

Give it [...]

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Publié le 13 May 2013 - Dans : What's New

NEW ! Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP)

Finally the VRSP - Be prepared for January 1, 2014

Bill 39, Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act, was introduced on May 8. Here are the highlights of this bill to encourage Quebec [...]

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